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Standard SDFI Camera System

Standard SDFI Camera System enables you to capture images and video hands-on and hands-free within the visible light spectrum. Call 310-492-5372 for details
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Standard SDFI-TeleMedicine System

Components Include:
1 SDFI Machine Software License - Includes Two Named User License(s)- Remote Installation Required
1 SDFI Image Management Software (Remote Install Required)
1 Security Software (Remote Install Required)
1 User License for 12 month access to the SDFI File Portal with 10GB online temporary storage
1 TeleEducation Training Event - Maximum 8 learners in total, per TeleEducation Training Event. (If more than eight, additional charges apply). Training events focus on SDFI medical or clinical elements, not computer technical or criminal legal elements.
SDFI TeleEducation Training includes Three Certificate of Completions for each of the eight learners registered. Two Certificate of Completions for two self-directed online learning courses and one Certificate of Completion for One TeleEducation Training Session. A SDFI TeleEducation Training Event includes four separate “hands-on hardware” sessions, each with one SDFI trainer working with a maximum of two medical professionals at one time, and one additional software session, where one SDFI trainer works with a maximum of four medical professionals. NOTE: All sessions must be scheduled with consecutive dates and times.
NOTE: The two self-directed online learning courses are available to each Learner(s) for 365 days including the option to renew the annual subscription one year after the completion of the SDFI TeleEducation Training Event.)
1 SDFI pre-configured SLR Digital Camera System (Body, Lens, Flash) Generation Varies
1 SDFI Hardwired Remote Medical Foot Pedal
1 SDFI Handheld Hard Wired Camera Remote
1 SDFI Extension Cable for Hand Remote and Foot Pedal
2 Rechargeable Camera Batteries
1 Battery Charger
1 Battery Tester
1 Foam Insert for SDFI Camera Carrying Case
1 Portable SDFI Camera Carrying Case
1 SD Case with 4 Multi-GB SD Cards inside the case
1 USB 3.1 Memory Card Reader with 1 Cable
1 SDFI Low Profile Quick Release Camera Stand & Carrying Case
1 Allen Key
3 Photomacrographic Scales (in camera case lid)
2x 4 AA Batteries
1 Roll Sticky Rulers
1 Laminated Standard SDFI Component List
1 Laminated Standard SDFI Technical Cheat Sheet
1 SDFI Serial Number List
1 Body Cap
2 Lens Caps
1 Educational Vaginal Model
2 Disposable Speculums
1 Educational Penile Model in 1 Carry Pouch

SDFI Green Guide:  A Guide to Storing, Securing & Sending SDFI Secure Files
One Year Manufacturer's Camera Warranty with SDFI
** Complimentary Remote Technical Support for SDFI Digital Camera System
** Complimentary Remote Technical Support for SDFI Image Management Software System (Machine User License)
** Complimentary Remote Technical Support for SDFI Security Software System (Machine User License)
** Complimentary Remote Technical Support for SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal System (Single User License)
SDFI-TeleMedicine Loaner Program
Initial shipping, shipping insurance and handling included
***computer, internet access & HDMI TV are NOT included or supported ***


What:  SDFI-TeleMedicine provides SIX Main Components that consist of the complete SDFI Forensic Photodocumentation System

•    SDFI Hardware Equipment and Components - Click To See Details
•    SDFI Image Management & Security Software - Click To See Details
•    The Secure SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal - Click To See Details
•    Written Protocols and Workflow Processes - Click To See Details
•    SDFI Forensic Camera Training and Education - Click To See Details
•    Customer Support - Click To See Details

When:  When you provide photodocumentation on patients, alleged victims and suspects during…

•    Forensic-Medical Exams – Anogenital Assessments
•    Strangulation Exams
•    Child Abuse Exams
•    Elder Abuse Exams
•    Domestic Violence Exams

 Why:  So you can…
•    Shoot,
•    Review & Securely Store,
•    and send diagnostic quality images and video while staying patient centric


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