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CAGE #: 4MZP8 / DUNS: 790555333

Do you have home health care workers that provide continuity of care services?  Do you need Protected Health Information (PHI) to be securely sent for case review, or to be securely delivered to a specialist for review?  Do you just need a safe environment for your home health care provider to securely store PHI on their laptop in the field outside of their network?

The SDFI Store & Send System is a secure store and forward product with an end-to-end encryption.  Encrypt and store documents and photos on your own network and computer then send them to recipients securely.  The SDFI Store and Send System can be used for photos and all other types of forensic or PHI documents to be stored and moved using 256-Bit Advanced Encryption Standard, easy-to-use software.

The Store & Send System Includes...

One SDFI machine license for up to two registered Windows login users, SDFI Image Management and Security Software System on that one client computer (remote install), up to three hours of initial remote training on the SDFI Secure Store & Send System, 24-month access to the encrypted SDFI File Portal with two GB online temporary storage.  Auto e-mail notifications are delivered to registered SDFI File Portal senders after recipeints download a SDIF Secure File to confirm a chain of custody.  Double-Layer Security.  Able to instantly and permanently remove any SDFI Secure File.  One SDFI Intelligent User Guide for Storing, Securing & Sending SDFI Secure Files, plus a SDFI Guide for downloading SDFI Secure Files.

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SDFI Forensic PhotoDocumentation Protocol


SDFI Forensic Photography PhotoDocumentation Protocol is a FREE download.

SAFE-T Toolkits - Strangulation Assessment and Forensic Evaluation Toolkits


25 Strangulation Toolkits in each box. $6.50 per Toolkit. View the video below in the Full Product Description: Each SDFI SAFE-Toolkit (T) includes everything you need to collect evidence from one strangulation case. Each SAFE-T Kit includes a Surgical Marker, a Hair Tie, Bookend Card(s), Cotton Swabs, Forensic Hand Map(s), Measuring Scales, Evidence Envelopes and Seals . The SDFI Strangulation Assessment and Forensic Evaluation Toolkit nicknamed SDFI SAFE-T is intended for use by healthcare professionals who are providing care to adults, adolescents and/or children following a strangulation event. Free Shipping In The United States. Order online or call 310-492-5372 to receive your quote or invoice.

SDFI Yellow Secure File Download Guide


A Guide To Downloading SDFI Secure Files.

SDFI Bookend Cards Plus Hand Maps


Download and print both the SDFI Bookend Cards plus Hand Map. Printing instructions included. See the full description below.

SDFI General System Security


A Summary of the Five Compounded Levels of SDFI Security.

SDFI File Portal Security


SDFI File Portal Security SDFI®-TeleMedicine is “Secure Beyond Reasonable Doubt®! Download this document to get all of the technical information as to why SDFI File Portal Security affords your organization to move PHI and forensic data securely without breaking the chain of custody.