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PD Standard SDFI Camera System + Image Management-Negative Invert Filter, NIF-Loupe Tool

This product offers one SDFI camera used to capture photos & video within the visible light spectrum. PD SDFI Systems easily photo document crime scenes, death, strangulation, accidents, search & rescue, fire investigations or any other photos that they need to take as part of their ongoing investigations. SDFI’s resolution far exceeds any cell phone or IPad photo, which lets you see photos better. In addition, SDFI captures RAW files for authentication if photos are challenged. Whether you are expanding your existing SDFI equipment or starting as a new SDFI Customer, this product can meet your forensic photo needs to be the solution for most types of exams needed to collect forensic evidence as part of an ongoing investigation. (NOT SUPPORTED FOR Forensic-Medical Exams) (SDFI Stand Sold Separately) Call 310-492-5372 for details
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PD Standard SDFI Camera System + Image Management System-Negative Invert Filter, NIF-Loupe Tool 

Standard SDFI Camera Systems capture photos and video within the visible light spectrum easy and fast!  It includes the SDFI Image Management Software which has the Negative Invert Filter & Loupe Tool for you to evaluate images better

1 Standard Camera Carrying Case

1 SDFI Pre-Configured Standard Camera System 
1 Remote Computer Software and Install for One Computer/Machine of the SDFI Image Management Software.
4 Multi-Gigabyte SD Memory Cards + 1 USB Card Reader
2 Rechargeable SDFI Camera Battery+ 1 Battery Charger
8 AA Alkaline Batteries+ 1 Battery Tester
1 Portable SDFI Camera System Carrying Case
1 SDFI Protective Lens Cap
1 SDFI Rear Lens Cover
1 SDFI Camera Body Cap
1 SDFI Standard System Component List
1 SDFI Standard System Technical Cheat Sheet

3 Macrographic Scales

1 SDFI Purple Intelligent User Guide

1 Up to Two and One-Half (2.5) Hours Remote Hands-On SDFI Forensic Camera System Tele-Training Session for up to two Learners (Additional Learners Sold Separately)

1 Up to One (1) Hour Remote Software Tele-Training Session, using the Purple Intelligent User Guide for up to two Learners (Additional Learners Sold Separately)

90 day access to SDFI.Q. Training Videos on (Camera Generations Vary) For Unlimited Number Of Learners.

Complimentary Remote Technical Support for SDFI-TeleMedicine Camera Hardware and Image Management Tools Software
SDFI-TeleMedicine Loaner Program


•    SDFI Hardware Equipment and Components - Click To See Details 
•    SDFI Image Management & Security Software - Click To See Details
•    Written Protocols and Workflow Processes - Click To See Details
•    SDFI Forensic Camera Training and Education - Click To See Details (Sold Separately)
•    Customer Support - Click To See Details


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