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Contrast SDFI Camera System Add-On with Contrast Lighting Tools-Without Software

It is common for SDFI clients to expand their programs. When programs expand, SDFI clients need additional cameras but not necessarily additional SDFI Software. SDFI Camera System Add-Ons were created to meet this need, offering all of the hardware necessary for forensic nurses and examiners to take pictures and video hands-on or hands-free. See the full description below. (SDFI Stand Sold Separately) Call 310-492-5372 for details
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Contrast SDFI Camera System Add-On with Contrast Lighting Tools-Without Software

NOTE:  The SDFI camera model may vary from your current systems

1 SDFI Pre-Configured Digital SLR Contrast Camera System (Contrasted Camera and Lens w/Filter)
3 Pair Of SDFI UV  Protective Goggles
1 Contrast UV Handheld Light  (SDFI Stand Sold Separately)
1 SD Case with 2 Multi-GB SD Cards inside the case
1 3.0 Memory Card Reader with 1 Cable
2 Rechargeable SDFI Camera Batteries + 1 Camera Battery Charger
4 AA Alkaline Batteries
1 Battery Tester
1 Portable SDFI Contrast Camera System Carrying Case
1 UV Pen
1 SDFI Protective Lens Cap
1 SDFI Rear Lens Cover
1 SDFI Camera Body Cap
1 SDFI Contrast System Component List
1 SDFI Contrast System Technical Cheat Sheet
1 Hour Forensic Contrast Camera System Training Via Phone Conference

60 days access to SDFI.Q. Training Videos on (Camera Generations Vary)

1 UPS Shipping Return Label (If swapping out Single SDFI Case for a Double Case)

Initial Shipping, Shipping Insurance & Handling Included.
Computer, Internet Access & HDMI TV are NOT included or supported
SDFI-TeleMedicine cannot be returned for credit or refund and is non-transferable

All Sales Are Final
SDFI does not offer or provide permanent storage or data backup services
SDFI-TeleMedicine may not be exported internationally without written permission
Payment:  Net 10 days upon delivery of physical product.



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•    What Is Contrast Photography - Click To See Details
•    Written Protocols and Workflow Processes - Click To See Details
•    SDFI Forensic Camera Training and Education - Click To See Details (Sold Separately)
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When:  When you provide photodocumentation on patients, alleged victims and suspects during…

•    Forensic-Medical Exams – Anogenital Assessments
•    Strangulation Exams
•    Child Abuse Exams
•    Elder Abuse Exams
•    Domestic Violence Exams

 Why:  So you can…
•    Shoot,
•    Review & Securely Store,
•    and send diagnostic quality images and video while staying patient centric


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