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SDFI offers free bookend cards and various forensic protocols to help the medical industry carry out their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

SDFI-TeleMedicine Contrast UV Light-Handheld


One SDFI-TeleMedicine Contrast Handheld UV Light (395-400 NM) (SDFI Protective Goggles Sold Separately) Free Shipping in the Continental US, shipping fees may apply when shipping outside this area.

PD Contrast SDFI Camera System and Contrast Lighting Tools + Image Management System, Negative Invert Filter, NIF & the SDFI Loupe Tool

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This product offers one SDFI camera used to capture photos & video within the ultraviolet light spectrum. PD SDFI Systems easily photo document crime scenes, death, strangulation, accidents, search & rescue, fire investigations or any other photos that they need to take as part of their ongoing investigations. SDFI’s resolution far exceeds any cell phone or IPad photo, which lets you see photos better. In addition, SDFI captures RAW files for authentication if photos are challenged. Whether you are expanding your existing SDFI equipment or starting as a new SDFI Customer, this product can meet your forensic photo needs to be the solution for most types of exams needed to collect forensic evidence as part of an ongoing investigation. (NOT SUPPORTED FOR Forensic-Medical Exams) Already have contrast lighting tools? You can also use them with your PD Contrast SDFI Camera System. (SDFI Stand Sold Separately) Call 310-492-5372 for details

The History, Evolution and Standardization of SDFI's Forensic Photography PhotoDocumentation Protocol


Learn, Who, What, Why, When, Where and How the SDFI Forensic Photography PhotoDocumentation Protocol was originated, and evolved since 2003.