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Free Forensic Resources

In support of your group, SDFI-TeleMedicine offers many free forensic resources that you can use as you see fit. Whether you need information to present to your CAC, board or hospital, SDFI has resources available to help. 

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SDFI Forensic PhotoDocumentation Protocol


SDFI Forensic Photography PhotoDocumentation Protocol is a FREE download.

SDFI Yellow Secure File Download Guide


A Guide To Downloading SDFI Secure Files.

SDFI Bookend Cards Plus Hand Maps


Download and print both the SDFI Bookend Cards plus Hand Map. Printing instructions included. See the full description below.

Forensic Photodocumentation & SDFI-TeleMedicine Demonstration


This (Non-CEU) course is a self directed online SDFI demonstration. It was designed to step you through the science behind forensic photodocumentation. This science defines the basis of SDFI-TeleMedicine's forensic photodocumentation equipment, software, security, education and support that SDFI offers to all SDFI clients. In addition, you will be able to view short video demonstrations of real forensic examiners using SDFI Camera Systems and SDFI Image Management Software while providing a mock forensic exam on actors playing the part of patients/alleged victims. All actors have been de-identified. To request access to our online live demonstration, copy and paste into a browser and fill out the SDFI contact form. Please see the hyperlink.

SDFI-TeleMedicine Video Overview - Marketing Materials


Do you need to give a presentation to your group? This video is a great tool to to use during your presentation. View a five-minute overview of what the SDFI-TeleMedicine System is, how it works and how it is used as a colposcope replacement.

SDFI-TeleMedicine Marketing Materials


Do you need to prepare a presentation to a group about the SDFI-TeleMedicine System? SDFI offers hand-out materials and videos that were created to educate decision-makers about the SDFI System. Order marketing materials to be sent to you by completing . In the mean time, do you want to view a video that overviews the SDFI System? Complete this order and receive a link to our video that overviews what the SDFI System is, what it does and how it assists your forensic program.