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Contrast SDFI Camera System Add-On with Contrast Lighting Tools-Without Software

This product offers one SDFI camera that is used to capture photos & video in the ultraviolet light spectrum. This product is used to capture photos and video of anything that reflects or absorbs light during Forensic-Medical Exams, Strangulation, DV, child abuse, elder abuse, death investigations and more. This product is for new SDFI Customers, that meets your forensic photo needs to be the solution for all types of exams needed to collect forensic evidence as part of an ongoing investigation. (SDFI Software Sold Separately). SDFI Camera System Add-Ons were created to meet this need, offering all of the hardware necessary for forensic nurses and examiners to take pictures and video. See the full description below. (SDFI Stand Sold Separately) Call 310-492-5372 for details
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Contrast SDFI Camera System Add-On with Contrast Lighting Tools-Without Software (New SDFI Customers)

NOTE:  The SDFI camera model may vary from your current systems

1 SDFI Pre-Configured Contrast Camera System (Contrasted Camera and Lens w/Filter)
3 Pair Of SDFI UV  Protective Goggles
1 Contrast UV Handheld Light  (SDFI Stand Sold Separately)
1 SD Case with 2 Multi-GB SD Cards inside the case
1 3.1 Memory Card Reader with 1 Cable
2 Rechargeable SDFI Camera Batteries + 1 Camera Battery Charger
4 AA Alkaline Batteries
1 Battery Tester
1 Portable SDFI Contrast Camera System Carrying Case
1 UV Pen
1 SDFI Protective Lens Cap
1 SDFI Rear Lens Cover
1 SDFI Camera Body Cap
1 SDFI Contrast System Component List
1 SDFI Contrast System Technical Cheat Sheet
60 days access to SDFI.Q. Training Videos on (Camera Generations Vary)

1 2.5 Hour Remote Hand-On SDFI Forensic Camera System Tele-Training for up to two Learners (Additional Learners Sold Separately)

Initial Shipping, Shipping Insurance & Handling Included.
Computer, Internet Access & HDMI TV are NOT included or supported
SDFI-TeleMedicine cannot be returned for credit or refund and is non-transferable

All Sales Are Final
SDFI does not offer or provide permanent storage or data backup services
SDFI-TeleMedicine may not be exported internationally without written permission
Payment:  Net 10 days upon delivery of physical product.



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•    What Is Contrast Photography - Click To See Details
•    Written Protocols and Workflow Processes - Click To See Details
•    SDFI Forensic Camera Training and Education - Click To See Details (Sold Separately)
•    Customer Support - Click To See Details


When:  When you provide photodocumentation on patients, alleged victims and suspects during…

•    Forensic-Medical Exams – Anogenital Assessments
•    Strangulation Exams
•    Child Abuse Exams
•    Elder Abuse Exams
•    Domestic Violence Exams

 Why:  So you can…
•    Shoot,
•    Review & Securely Store,
•    and send diagnostic quality images and video while staying patient centric


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