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Children Advocacy Centers

CAGE #: 4MZP8 / DUNS: 790555333

Children Advocacy Centers can request various types of useful information to use at their organizations from SDFI.  We offer Non-Fatal Strangulation and Forensic Photography PhotoDocumentation protocols, user's guides, handy bookend cards, marketing materials, and so much more.

Forensic Exams and HIPAA 2017 - (Includes all references)


Forensic Exam Services are NOT Covered Entities under HIPAA.

SDFI Extension Cable From SDFI Camera to SDFI Hand Remote or SDFI Foot Pedal-Generation 8 and above


New Extension Cable for SDFI Camera System Generations 8 and above. This connects the SDFI Camera to SDFI Foot Pedal or Hand Remotes. You must be an SDFI Client for this product to work. Free Shipping in the Continental US, shipping fees may apply when shipping outside this area.

SDFI Hand Remote and Foot Pedal Connector Generation 1-7 - 3 Prong Extension Cable (USED)


Used Extension Cord for SDFI Camera System Generations 1-7 Free Shipping in the Continental U.S., shipping fees may apply when shipping outside this area.

Forensic Photodocumentation & SDFI-TeleMedicine Demonstration


This (Non-CEU) course is a self directed online SDFI demonstration. It was designed to step you through the science behind forensic photodocumentation. This science defines the basis of SDFI-TeleMedicine's forensic photodocumentation equipment, software, security, education and support that SDFI offers to all SDFI clients. In addition, you will be able to view short video demonstrations of real forensic examiners using SDFI Camera Systems and SDFI Image Management Software while providing a mock forensic exam on actors playing the part of patients/alleged victims. All actors have been de-identified. To request access to our online live demonstration, copy and paste into a browser and fill out the SDFI contact form. Please see the hyperlink.

Secure SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal 12 Month Access


The SDFI file portal allows you to securely send your data anywhere in the world to recipients with a windows based computer and a high-speed connection to the internet. SDFI applies a second layer encryption to this process, so no one but your intended recipient gains access to your files. Online Yearly SDFI File Portal offers unlimited 24 hour use of the SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal for a duration of 365 days. Stop burning DVD's, printing, driving or shipping photos to recipients. If you use this once every two months, it pays for itself because it negates and replaces the need for you to do any of those other things. Save time and money by switching to the Secure SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal today.

Forensic Conference Sign-Up


One Day Conference that offers CME/CE's or Certificate of Completion for one learner.